Using bash with MySQL

carmel_ny carmel_ny at
Tue Oct 27 15:41:24 UTC 2009

I am in the process of writting a script that will use MySQL as a back
end. For the most part, I have gotten things to work correctly. I am
having one problem though.

Assume a data base:

database: MyDataBase
table: MyTable
field: defaults

Now, I have populated the 'defaults' fields with the declare
statements that I will use in the script. They are entered similar to

	declare -a MSRBL_LIST

Now, I issue this from my bash script:

SQL_USER=user			# MySQL user
SQL_PASSWORD=secret		# MySQL password
DB=MyDataBase			# MySQL data base name
HOST=                  # Server to connect to

DECLARE_STATEMENTS=($(mysql ${COM_LINE} -i -e"use ${DB}; SELECT defaults FROM "${table}" WHERE 1;"))

for (( i=0;i<${#DECLARE_STATEMENTS[*]};i++)); do

This output is produced:


Obviously, I want the output on one line for each field. I have tried
enclosing the variables with both single and double quote marks;
however, that does not work. Fields that do not contain spaces are
displayed correctly.

Obviously, I am doing something really stupid here. I hope someone can
assist me. I probably should ask this on the MySQL forum; however, I
was hoping that someone here might be able to supply a remedy.


carmel_ny at


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