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> ps.
> is there a step by step document somwhere???
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> >
> >> Hash: SHA1
> >>
> >> got the latest version of your os for 64 bit systems from
> >
> >> do you think you could throw in an auto install feauture that
> >like
> >> every other os on the market i dropped out of devry and i still
> >> cant figure out what the installer is asking me to do.
> >
> >Perhaps you need to read the handbook found at
> >
> >or you can try pcbsd at
> >
> >or you can wait until some one creates an auto install feature.
> >That
> >could be a very long time and you would be missing out on the best
> >OS
> >available.
> >

Please keep the list in all of your replies as there are many, many
people who have a lot more knowledge that I do. I have added the list
back in.

This is about as step-by-step as you can get. It even has pictures of
the screens you encounter. It is reached by clicking on "documentation"
and then "handbook".

It is also suggested that you read the entire handbook before starting
the install. I started with FreeBSD about 5 or 6 years ago. I, too, had
problems at first but instead of whining on the questions list, I read
the manual and lurked on the mailing list.

I have found that the people on this list are more than willing to help
anyone as long as that person gives their best effort at learning.

Those that choose to complain and compare FreeBSD to other OS's usually
are ignored or told to go back to the OS that they feel is better.
FreeBSD takes some time to get the feel of. If you choose to spend the
time to become familiar with it you will be rewarded with an OS that
allows you to do what you want.

If you have specific questions when trying to install FreeBSD, then by
all means ask on this list. Be sure to document what you have done,
where the failure occurred and what you have tried. It is also
recommended to include the information about the version of FreeBSD you
are trying to install and some of your hardware specs.

I sincerely hope this helps. I would like to welcome you to FreeBSD and
I hope you find it as satisfying as I have. If you have more questions,
feel free to ask. Just remember to include the list because I am wrong
as often as I am right. :-)


P.S. The normal format for all of the FreeBSD list is to not top post.
That is to either place all of you replies at the bottom or within the
text where you are responding to a specific paragraph or statement.

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