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Mon Oct 26 11:37:51 UTC 2009

Hi Polytropon,

> just a little terminology note (from me, Mister Use-the-correct-words):
> If you are refering to a kind of hard disk, use "disk" with k.
> Think like "diskette". If you are refering to optical media,
> use "disc" with c. Think like "CD = compact disc".

Thanks for your comment.  "disk" began life as the American spelling
(probably older English, copied from Greek) and "disc" was the English
(UK, Australia, probably South Africa and other places).  Here, in
Australia, I am used to "disc", but I take your point and agree that
the two spellings most likely have their particular usages.  In the
fullness of time I suspect that the scheme you outline will become
widely accepted.  There's other instances of particular preferences in
spelling in Australian English vis a vis American - for example,
"recognize" versus "recognise".  As others have pointed out, the
English language is a bit of a mongrel :-)

  Thanks for your comments too, about use of the FAT32 file system.  I
had thought about that, but the NTFS seemed to be a bit more universal
- I'm not sure that FAT file systems are recognised by default on Macs
(for example).

> Happy FreeBSD user since 4.0

Happy FreeBSD user since 2.2.

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