can't make www/linux-f10-flashplugin10

Boris Samorodov bsam at
Mon Oct 26 10:17:57 UTC 2009

Jamie Griffin <jpg at> writes:

> Hi, i'm trying to build the www/linux-f10-flashplugin port and i'm
> getting the following error on make:
> "/usr/ports/Mk/", line 79: Malformed conditional
> "/usr/ports/Mk/", line 145: Malformed conditional
> ($LINUX_DIST_SUFFIX}=="-f10")
> "/usr/ports/Mk/", line 171: Malformed conditional
> "/usr/ports/Mk/", line 173: Malformed conditional
> ($LINUX_DIST_SUFFIX}=="-f8")
> "/usr/ports/Mk/", line 421: Malformed conditional
> "/usr/ports/Mk/", line 459: Malformed conditional
> ($LINUX_DIST_SUFFIX}=="-f8")
> "/usr/ports/Mk/", line 461: if-less else
> "/usr/ports/Mk/", line 463: if-less endif
> "/usr/ports/Mk/", line 477: Malformed conditional
> ($LINUX_DIST_SUFFIX}=="-f8")
> "/usr/ports/Mk/", line 479: if-less else
> "/usr/ports/Mk/", line 481: if-less endif
> Error expanding embedded variable.
> I don't know what this means and i'm not sure how to fix it. Can
> anyone help?
> I'm using FreeBSD 7.2, my ports tree is up to date (did it earlier
> today). I did have flashplugin 9 installed with the linux-f4-core, but
> i've removed this, installed the f10-core and then started having
> problems with the flashplugin.
> Thanks in advance for any advice/help.

The port www/linux-f10-flashplugin needs linux -f10- ports. The latter
are defaults for FreeBSD-8.x and later. You can use them at 7.2
(7.2-STABLE is preferred). For more unformation take a look at
/usr/ports/UPDATING "20090401: AFFECTS: users of linux Fedora 8
infrastructure ports" (it deals with non default f8 ports, f10
are the same with "f10" value). HTH

Please, keep in mind that those ports are not defaults for 7.x.

WBR, bsam

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