am I the only one, wrt gcc44 -- it is failing and I can't build octave or much else

b. f. bf1783 at
Mon Oct 26 08:03:33 UTC 2009

Henry Olyer wrote:
>'everything; is dying in /usr/ports/lang/gcc44

>I know, (in all likelihood,) I'll have to scratch this area and do a
>complete re-install.  Fine.  The thing is, I didn't change anything to mess
>this area up in the first place.

>I've just been going to various directories in /usr/ports and saying, "make
>install clean" and now this...  I was trying to put up octave when this

Why don't you try 'make clean install && make clean' , to ensure that
you are starting from scratch, with a clean WRKDIR? If that fails,
send a full transcript of the failed build to the lang/gcc44 port
maintainer.  script(1) is useful for producing a full transcript.

>So I could use a little help here, please...

>I also want/need to run X, and my X session (just put up,) doesn't yet let
>me move the mouse.  I installed hal and dbus but what do I do now?

hal and dbus are not required, if you have the proper entries in your
xorg.conf, although some people find them useful.  Can you use the
mouse in the console with moused(8)?  If not, then there may be a
problem with the mouse.  Did you try running 'Xorg -configure' to see
what sample configuration file it constructs for your hardware,
especially the entries, if any, for the mouse?

>And where or where do I put the "ServerFlags" entry in my xorg.conf file.
>I'm sorry, I just don't know these things...

In it's own section, offset by:

Section  "ServerFlags"

xorg.conf(5) claims the order of the sections is unimportant.


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