Anybody is using VirtualBox?

Yuri yuri at
Sun Oct 25 17:37:49 UTC 2009

ltcddats at wrote:
> compiled virtual box this morning with additions to run winblows 2003
> server. So far it is working better than the xp version which is good
> as it is one less reason to have to put in the xp harddrive
> Are you trying to run more than one image copied from the same file?
> if so use vboxmanage internalcommands sethduuid to change the id of the
> second image file as renaming does not do that, and you get an error if
> you try to run it.

No, I am not trying to run multiple files.
Even command VirtualBox fails the same way:
"Failed to create the VictualBox COM object."
"The application will now terminate."
Callee RC: NS_ERROR_ABORT (0x800004004)


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