Wifi Router and FreeeBSD - need some hints..

Chris Hill chris at monochrome.org
Sun Oct 25 13:54:29 UTC 2009

On Sun, 25 Oct 2009, Erik Norgaard wrote:

> herbert langhans wrote:
>> Hi Daemons,
>> I need some basic information about Wifi routers - very little I know 
>> about it.
>> There is my FreeBSD-server (the other one is Linux) and some clients 
>> are connected with a LAN-switch.
>> Now I want to add a Wifi Router to the network. I am not sure if I can 
>> set up the router without using some Windows software what comes with 
>> the router.
>> My questions:
>> I just connect the Wifi router to the LAN and it should work? Or do I 
>> need any software (drivers) to keep the thing running?

In the simplest case, yes, you can just plug it in. But see below.

>> There must be some software to 'talk' to the router - for setup. Is 
>> there anything available for FreeBSD or do I need Windows environment 
>> (what I dont have available)? What did you use to install your 
>> Wifi-router?
> It depends on the router. Many if not most routers provide a web based 
> configuration tool, but a special application may be needed to update 
> firmware.
> I have an airport extreme, works great, but no web interface. My DSL is 
> a 3Com with WiFi, it also has a web interface. I have seen routers that 
> allows a commandline configuration tool, connect with ssh or telnet and 
> upload or download the configuration with ftp.

I have never installed an airport, but I have installed many 
consumer-grade Linksys, D-Link and Netgear WiFi boxes. They *all* have had 
a web interface and were pretty simple to set up. One thing to watch out 
for: before plugging in the ethernet wire, check the manual to see what 
the box's default IP address is. If it's the same as your gateway, you'll 
have to take steps to isolate them during the time it takes to change the 
WiFi box's IP.

Other than changing the IP (and a password), all I've ever done is set up 
the wireless channel, SSID and encryption (type and key).


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