need *local* help to keep THOUGHT.ORG alive

Gary Kline kline at
Sun Oct 25 06:17:13 UTC 2009


	months ago i noticed trouble with Either mouse or KVM.  i
	bought a new mouse, didn't work, so i looked for help from
	former SeaBUG members.  got one answer from a guy at qwest
	who said to let him know.  then the grandson of a writer
	friend popped up unexpectedly.  he suggested which new kvm
	unit to order;, i did, he installed it, and things work.

	the real problem is my dns server.  it is my dns, mail, and
	web server.  it is more than 11 years old and staring to give
	off death knell sounds.  last week we had a nighttime power
	outage, and after i had myself pain-pilled up, i got down,
	found the surge protector in the rat's nest of cables, reset,
	and presto [!], my servers --- dns and pfsense [both from
	1998] came alive.  no problem.  last sunday afternoon the
	power went dead for over three hours.  this time my
	dns/mail/web server failed.  it took several time of praising,
	petting, and very-slowly power-cycling to get it to work.

	so i need somebody who isn't too far from seatac to come over
	and get my new --- a yes, i'm going to buy something green,
	like an intel atom tower server -- i need help getting my new,
	Green server installed.  i will  download and burn a v 8.0pre
	FBSD, and then set up the system with ssh/scp.   then ---
	what?   it took a few weeks to initially set up my 
	/etc/namedb/* files before i was obligated to switch over.
	that was and still is the limit of my network savvy.  so if 
	there are any volunteers out there, having a bg in networking 
	will be a major help.

	anybody willing and able to help out?



	PS:  this is not a life/death urgent problem.  but then this
	is when power-out and so forth hit. october thru december.
	i dont know if the server will reboot next time

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