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> hi 
> freebsd is one of the good ones but its hard to install 

It's not hard to install. Just follow the instructions on screen.
Because FreeBSD isn't restricted to a particular field of use
(such as most other operating systems are, by their own definition),
installation can lead into many various directions. There is
no default for this. FreeBSD can be used as a simple name server,
a mail server, a multimedia workstation, an embedded system,
a corporate storage controller or a mobile diagnostics system
on a netbook - and many others. How should an installer handle

> why dont you make the installation user friendly like pc bsd

Then use PC-BSD. In my opinion, "user-friendly" and "mades lots
of use of GUI effects" is often confused. For starters, maybe
PC-BSD is the best solution. Personally, I had no problems
installing FreeBSD without additional "education" prior to
putting in the install CD. It shouldn't be any problem for a
person who is able to read the english language (which, by the
way, isn't my native one). :-)

An installation tool that requires a recent graphics card isn't
user friendly. It *limits* the use of the OS, e. g. when you
want to install it on a server that doesn't have a graphics
card at all.

> and 
> also there are so many ati graphic card users can you add
> some new ati drives to new freebsd ?

You should ask ATI for this, not FreeBSD. The developers
don't have X-ray eyes and therefore cannot look into the
devices ATI sells. :-)

Seriously: If you are interested for improved hardware
support, write to the hardware manufacturers. They are the
responsible party.

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