Accessing LDAP via web

Peter Boosten peter at
Mon Oct 19 03:32:24 UTC 2009

Olivier Nicole wrote:
> Hi Carmen,
>> I have email clients on my laptops that can access the LDAP server when
>> connected via my LAN. When traveling that is not readily possible (is
>> it)? Therefore, how can I accomplish this or is it not possible?
>> Remember, I am not attempting to administer the LDAP server, but rather
>> access its stored data.
> It would need more information then, for me to be able to answer.
> Usual thing LDAP is used in conjunction with email is for
> authentication: when you want to read or send email, you have to
> authenticate and this is done against the LDAP server. But this
> authentication is never done by your email client, rather by your POP,
> IMAP and SMTP servers, so it should really not matter your are
> traveling or not.

That's a rather limited view of the capabilities of an LDAP server.

Most modern browsers support the ldap:// syntax, to browse the LDAP
server as an address book.

For you to do so over the internet, you would need access to 389
TCP/UDP, are these ports opened up? Furthermore, you would require
anonymous (read-)access.



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