Accessing LDAP via web

Olivier Nicole Olivier.Nicole at
Mon Oct 19 03:07:34 UTC 2009

Hi Carmen,

> I have email clients on my laptops that can access the LDAP server when
> connected via my LAN. When traveling that is not readily possible (is
> it)? Therefore, how can I accomplish this or is it not possible?
> Remember, I am not attempting to administer the LDAP server, but rather
> access its stored data.

It would need more information then, for me to be able to answer.

Usual thing LDAP is used in conjunction with email is for
authentication: when you want to read or send email, you have to
authenticate and this is done against the LDAP server. But this
authentication is never done by your email client, rather by your POP,
IMAP and SMTP servers, so it should really not matter your are
traveling or not.

I don't know any usage when the email client needs to access the LDAP
server directly (keeping some address book on LDAP?) In that case it
is a problem of making the LDAP server accessible for traveling users,
opening the firewall and so on.

Best regards,


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