Fwd: upgrading remote server

LoH lordofhyphens at gmail.com
Sun Oct 18 21:38:33 UTC 2009

John Almberg wrote:
>> My build-world is finally done, so going to see if it works, now...
> H'mmm... I have a question about the kernel configuration file...
> I am currently using a customer kernel. Unfortunately, this machine 
> was installed by someone before my time, so I don't know the details.
> Can I make a 7.2 kernel using this 6.3 custom kernel configuration 
> file? Or should I start with the 7.2 generic, and somehow customize it 
> correctly?
> I've been looking at the custom  configuration file... so far, I can 
> see that it:
> 1. adds PF to the kernel
> 2. deletes unneeded drivers, like unused RAID cards and unused serial 
> interfaces.
> Or should I just try the GENERIC kernel, and maybe just add PF to it?
The 7.2 GENERIC kernel includes PF, but not ALTQ.

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