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> On Thu, 15 Oct 2009 19:18:45 -0400, PJ <af.gourmet at>
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> > Now that I  have had a few moments to think about
> it, maybe I have to
> > give good old cruze and enema and format it under XP
> ... maybe all it
> > needs is a clean system on it. ;-)
> I'm not sure if USB sticks tend to degrade
> filesystem-wise,
> but when you put such a stick into random "Windows" PCs,
> it's
> quite possible that data gets messed up. The most ideal
> solution of course is to simply newfs the stick and give
> it
> a UFS file system, but sadly, "Windows" PC are resistent
> to
> standards, so they won't read it, but will force you to
> use
> old-fashioned MS-DOS-like file systems. :-)
To be fair, Windows XP supports the NTFS filesystem that is very feature-rich. Although, I recall making a XP machine unbootable trying to format removable media with NTFS because only the installer woulds use that filesystem. The format utility let me choose between Fat16 and FAt32 or something :P

A better tool, under both Windows (via Cygwin) and BSD, would be ntfsprogs.


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