Graphics card recommendation

jgrosch at jgrosch at
Wed Oct 14 17:57:56 UTC 2009

> jgrosch at writes:
>>  I could be wrong but nVidia does not seem to be very interested
>>  in working with the FreeBSD project to address these problems.
> 	nVidia has offered what many/most hardware vendors* do not: to
> write and maintain a driver for their product.
> 	However, in order for that driver to be fully functional they
> want certain improvements in FreeBSD - particularly the virtual
> memory system.  Not an unreasonable request.
> 	Some work has been done; there was a post somewhere within the
> last few months about John Baldwin making improvements.
> 	Check the archives of this list for pointers to the list of
> changes and the status of the work.
> 				Robert Huff
> * - a notable exception being Intel, for their network cards.

Thank you. I am happy to be wrong about this.


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