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Wed Oct 14 11:41:38 UTC 2009

On Wed, Oct 14, 2009 at 12:55 AM, Abhilash  Shukla <abhi_shukla at> wrote:
> Hello,Respected Sir/Madam,Actually i tried to install free BSD on my >system, I have 1 TB hard disk of 500GB X 2 in which i made a partition in >one of my hard disk which even contains some data. Unfortunately i lost >all my data, as i think but its truly very important for me. As after the >completion of the installation part when i tried to boot into it, i was unable >to do so, now i installed Windows XP into my system and tried to access >the other hard disk but still i can't. As when i installed BSD in other >partition why i am not able to access the other drive in the same hard >drive. Please help me how can i recover my data.Thank You,Abhilash >Shukla.Dear questions at ! Get Yourself a cool, short >Email ID now!

As far as I understand, the data on the partition you put freeBSD on
is gone. You should have noticed the warning during install that
warned of this.

Concerning XP and "looking" at other partitions, (as far as I
understand) you should install XP first and then install freeBSD with
a bootloader that will allow you (easier) access to all of the OS's.
MS doesn't like to share disk space.

Perhaps I misunderstood your situation concerning the "loss" of data.
If so, there is open source data recovery software out there. I can't
think of the names right now, but I'm sure you have the necessary
searching skills to find them yourself.

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