Problem regarding free BSD

Abhilash Shukla abhi_shukla at
Wed Oct 14 06:06:29 UTC 2009

Hello,Respected Sir/Madam,Actually i tried to install free BSD on my system, I have 1 TB hard disk of 500GB X 2 in which i made a partition in one of my hard disk which even contains some data. Unfortunately i lost all my data, as i think but its truly very important for me. As after the completion of the installation part when i tried to boot into it, i was unable to do so, now i installed Windows XP into my system and tried to access the other hard disk but still i can't. As when i installed BSD in other partition why i am not able to access the other drive in the same hard drive. Please help me how can i recover my data.Thank You,Abhilash Shukla.Dear questions at ! Get Yourself a cool, short Email ID now!

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