sysinstall colours

Alexander Best alexbestms at
Tue Oct 13 21:53:42 UTC 2009

Kevin Kinsey schrieb am 2009-10-11:
> Alexander Best wrote:

> >>Seriously?!?!?! All the problems with sysinstall, and your idea is
> >>to
> >>change
> >>the color? Are you trying to start a bikeshed? If so, I prefer
> >>pink.

> >>-- randi

> I'm painting the little girl's room next week and might have
> some leftover interior latex, if that will do.  Oh, but, it's
> outside, so prolly not.  Sorry.  Or, do you want your pink
> bikeshed in the garage?  ;-)

> >current developers don't seem to have any interest in improving
> >sysinstall. so
> >it's important to get new people involved in freebsd. and the way
> >to do that
> >is with an attractive looking installer and an easy installation
> >process imo.

> I don't want to be harsh, but do you know what you're talking about?

> Randi, for one, has taken on the zombie known as sysinstall with a
> nice big shotgun, and is attempting to keep adding a few features
> here/there as needed to keep up with necessities while other
> developers (AFAIK) work on other projects, including, at last count,
> a couple differnet possibilities for installers.  It's apparently
> been rather daunting work, and, as a result, the new installer,
> whatever its name is/will be, isn't ready for inclusion with 8.0.

> However, a day is coming ...

> Kevin Kinsey

just did a quick research and google soc sponsored the finstaller in 2007 and
the bsdinstaller in 2005.

personally if i spent a lot of time on such a project i'd be expecting it to
get integrated into the base system. if not i'd get rather upset and would
probably switch to linux or opensolaris.

just my 2 cents.


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