sysinstall colours

Kevin Kinsey kdk at
Sun Oct 11 20:51:01 UTC 2009

Alexander Best wrote:

>> Seriously?!?!?! All the problems with sysinstall, and your idea is to
>> change
>> the color? Are you trying to start a bikeshed? If so, I prefer pink.
>> -- randi

I'm painting the little girl's room next week and might have
some leftover interior latex, if that will do.  Oh, but, it's
outside, so prolly not.  Sorry.  Or, do you want your pink
bikeshed in the garage?  ;-)

> current developers don't seem to have any interest in improving sysinstall. so
> it's important to get new people involved in freebsd. and the way to do that
> is with an attractive looking installer and an easy installation process imo.

I don't want to be harsh, but do you know what you're talking about?

Randi, for one, has taken on the zombie known as sysinstall with a
nice big shotgun, and is attempting to keep adding a few features 
here/there as needed to keep up with necessities while other developers 
(AFAIK) work on other projects, including, at last count, a couple 
differnet possibilities for installers.  It's apparently been rather 
daunting work, and, as a result, the new installer, whatever its name 
is/will be, isn't ready for inclusion with 8.0.

However, a day is coming ...

Kevin Kinsey

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