NTP Client synchronization with a Windows 2003/2008

Jacques Henry caramba696 at googlemail.com
Tue Oct 13 16:21:36 UTC 2009

> ntpd wont resync if the time difference is to big, as it assumes something
> is wrong as you would have set the system clock roughly correct. To fix stop
> ntpd, then do an ntpdate against the server. This should set the time. Now
> run ntpd again
> also set the following variables to a server of your choosing to make sure
> ntpdate is run 1st on boot
> $ grep ntp /etc/rc.conf*
> /etc/rc.conf:ntpdate_flags="uk.pool.ntp.org"
> /etc/rc.conf:ntpdate_enable="YES"
> /etc/rc.conf:ntpd_enable="YES"
I cannot do that because I have no Internet access...

so the very first thing you might want to try is to comment out the tinker
> commands, in particular the panic one. I'm not sure that after you set the
> panic threshold to 1 second you should expect your ntpd to pay any attention
> to servers with an offset of 587 seconds. If that fails, consider setting
> ntpdate_enable="YES"
> ntpdate_hosts="NTP_server"
> in your /etc/rc.conf and simply stepping to the correct time at boot time.
> In short, I don't think this has anything with a Windows server being
> involved, and everything to do with starting off almost 10 minutes off and a
> config file that says to never make a step correction larger than 1 second
> and to panic if you see an offset of over 1 second.

I commented the commands involved and nothing changed... (with only 10
minutes of time difference)

I even tried to "force" the sync:

U450XA0A0800650>nstop ntp
U450XA0A0800650>ntpd -x -n -q -c /var/ntp.conf
U450XA0A0800650>nstart ntp

 In fact I am still quite convinced that the MS implementation isn't totally
compliant with the client...

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