gmirror, gjournal and glabel - which order?

Daniel Bye freebsd-questions at
Mon Oct 12 21:13:59 UTC 2009

Hi all,

I'm having a hard time trying to work out which order I should set up
gmirror, glabel and gjournal on a new system. I want to journal my
/home partition, label all the partitions for ease of reference, and
use gmirror to save me in the event a disk goes bad. I am struggling
to fit the pieces together conceptually in my mind. I understand the
processes involved in setting each part separately - my problem is in
trying to build this up in the right order so that it all makes sense.

So far, I have labelled the primary drive and set up the journal. I have
edited fstab to reflect the labels and journalled file system on /home.
If I now build a mirror, don't I need to alter fstab to mount that and
not the stuff in /dev/label? In which case, I guess I need to build the
mirror first, and then set up labels and journals?

I'm going round and round in circles here and none of the stuff I've
read on the web enlightens me... :-/

Any insights or suggestions would be taken as a great kindness!


Daniel Bye
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