best FBSD version for commercial use.

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> >> Hello Gurus,
> >> Im planing to move out of my FreeBSD 4.8-R! which served me like a
> >> charm for many years.
> >>
> >> But not sure if I should go for 6.3 or 7.2
> >>
> >> This server will be a DNS server, apache, shell accounts..php, mysql.
> >
> > I would definitely go with a 7.2 install (until 8.0 is marked as
> > production ready by the fBSD dev team).
> Excellent advice :-)
> To the original poster:

And the original poster thanks you back,

and thanks everyone replied or gave my email attention.


Yes FBSD 7.2 could be the best for now..


Why did i send the email in the first place?

some releases may have issues! I remember 5.2 and 5.1..I had problems with it. this is why i stuck to my old 4.8

also I had a new project with radius, accounting, chillispot..when i installed 7.0 things didnot work as i expected..

take a note it was identical configuration  to i had to roll back to 6.2..


This time its a commercial use, and remote administration, so i didnot want to take the risk of having a wrong

"commercial version"


Thanks everyone.

Marwan Sultan

System Administrator
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