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Sat Oct 10 20:00:57 UTC 2009

On Sat, 10 Oct 2009 12:28:08 -0700 (PDT), Richard Mahlerwein <mahlerrd at yahoo.com> wrote:
> I agree completely.  I also go a step farther and put most other
> things that I consider user data in there.  Like Subversion
> repositories and non-user-specific Samba shares (E.g. "public"
> type shares).

Historically, there was /export in Solaris. The home directory
was /export/home, because it was usually distributed via NFS to
other machines. Things that were shared, but not primarily under-
stood as "user data", went there, too, such as repositories,
file collections and exported storages - files that have not
been "connected" to a specific user.

> While I'm reasonably happy rolling my own FS sizes, I would be
> even happier if I didn't have to. 

In ZFS, you don't have to. :-)

According to your suggestion:

> Drive > 16 and < 40 GB = 
> / = 1 GB
> swap = 1.5x RAM 

I know that there was the idea of saying "swap = 2 x the maximum
of RAM you could put into the box", but is this approach still
valid today?

> Drive > 40 GB = 
> /var = 2 GB

There could be a different requirement, especially when someone
wants to run
	a) an anonymous FTP server (/var/ftp subtree)
	b) database operations (/var/db subtree)
and have the /var sizes grow very fast. Of course, there's no
problem putting databases and FTP stuff somewhere under /home
(which is in /usr in your example).

> And, as long as this is a wish list, how about...
> 1) When I create, I would love to not to *always* have to
> backspace over like 17 digits every time to type something
> short like "16G".  Can we just make it operate in MB or
> something instead of blocks? 

There is an easier approach, I'd call it "overwrite with first
keystroke". This is common for many dialog libraries, such as
in Midnight Commander. For example, the content of the input
field is


and the cursor is at the last position; if I press "1", the content
is then


so I can easily continue entering "g" and have


with 2 keystrokes. The backspace and navigation keys should work
as they do now. Maybe Meta-Backspace (Esc, then Backspace) would
be available to erase the whole content of the input field as you
suggested in 1.2.

Maybe this is a nice item for a dialog wishlist for sysinstall. :-)

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