Upgrade to 7.2 broke network connections-SOLVED

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Fri Oct 9 16:57:08 UTC 2009

I tried booting up with ACPI disabled, and suddenly the network
connections worked like a charm.

Renee Gehlbach

> Today I updated a server from 6.4 to 7.2.  I cvsup'ed, built world, built
> kernel, installed kernel, installed world, mergemastered, and rebooted.
> And sat there, while ntpdate timed out trying to connect to four different
> servers, while interface status messages slowly scrolled:
> tx0: device timeout 2 packets
> tx0: seems we can continue normally
> rl0: watchdog timeout
> When it finally timed out, and I logged in, I found that I could ping
>, I could ping (tx0 interface), I could ping the rl0
> wan interface, I could not ping the gateway or anything outside of the
> machine.
> Looking at dmesg later, I found the same timeout messages repeated again
> and again, and I found further error messages:
> tx0: reinitialization
> tx0: ERROR! Can't stop TxDMA
> tx0: ERROR! Unknown PHY selected
> and repeated periodically:
> tx0: reinitialization
> tx0: ERROR! Unknown PHY selected
> I built and installed the generic kernel, and tried again.  Same deal.  I
> disabled ipfilter and ntp in rc.conf, removed the configuration lines for
> all but one interface, and rebooted.  Same deal, just shorter boot time
> without having to wait for ntpdate (grin)
> I thought, ok.....really old NICs.  There were some warnings about
> deprecated features in bootup.  I took out both NICs and put in an Intel
> Pro 10/100/1000 -- obviously supported.  Same deal.
> I previously attempted to update this server several months ago, going
> from 6.something to 7.1, and had this same problem.  After several
> frustrating days, I restored from backup and updated to latest 6.x, which
> worked fine.
> So I assume that I have something configured wrong.  If there were
> hardware compatibility issues this big, this version would never have gone
> to stable, and people would be screaming about it all over the mailing
> lists.  So my question is.....what should be my next troubleshooting step?
> Thanks for your time,
> Renee Gehlbach
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