Howto: ethernet card on dell M6300

Oliver Fromme olli at
Wed Oct 7 10:59:41 UTC 2009

Chris Stankevitz <chrisstankevitz at> wrote:
 > I was saddened to find that my ethernet card did not work on
 > my FreeBSD 7.2 machine.  The bge driver in the kernel did not
 > support the broadcom 5756ME.  Here is how I got it to work:
 > 1. Set my machine up to compile the kernel (see section 8.5
 > of manual)
 > 2. Edit /usr/src/sys/dev/bge/if_bgereg.h.  Add a definition
 > for BCOM_DEVICEID_BCM5756ME with the value 0x1674 after
 > #define BCOM_DEVICEID_BCM5755M          0x1673
 > #define BCOM_DEVICEID_BCM5756ME         0x1674
 > #define BCOM_DEVICEID_BCM5780           0x166A
 > 3. Edit /usr/src/sys/dev/bge/if_bge.c.  Add a reference to
 >         { BCOM_VENDORID,        BCOM_DEVICEID_BCM5755M },
 >         { BCOM_VENDORID,        BCOM_DEVICEID_BCM5756ME },
 >         { BCOM_VENDORID,        BCOM_DEVICEID_BCM5780 },
 > 4. Compile and install the kernel, and reboot
 > 5. Configure the card using sysinstall

Would you please send a problem report containing
your patches?  You can simply use the send-pr(1) tool,
or use the online web form.

That way your patches won't get lost.  I think that the
developers of the NIC drivers aren't always reading the
questions@ mailing list.

Thank you very much!

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