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> On Fri, 07 Oct 2011, jeffry killen wrote:
>> Hello;
>> I have a hard drive that contains the /var file system in a system that
>> will not boot.
>> In single user mode I can mount  /var.
>> I want to take this disk and put it in another FreeBSD system and
>> try to copy the files I need off of it to a safe place.
>> The system I will plug it into will also have a separate disk with
>> /var.
>> Is there going to be a conflict with the labels and how would I
>> best go about this?
>> system is FreeBSD v6.2
>> Thank you in advance for guidance, suggestions.
> It shouldn't be a problem. If you stick the "broken" drive in a new
> system it will show up as a new device to the 2nd system.
> You will then manually mount the 1st system via the device node to
> wherever you want. It will not auto-mount that to /var .
> So, for example your 2nd system has /dev/ad4s1  as its main disk.
> When you plig the 2nd disk (from the old box) it will show up as
> /dev/ad5s1 or similar. YOu would then just mount the /var/ slice to
> wherever you want.
> For example:
> mount /dev/ad5sa6 /mnt/oldvar
> or similar. Please note that your device nodes and slice numbers
> will most likely be different.
> Henrik

I think (correct me if I am wrong) he is trying to describe that glabel is 
being used on both systems and that he is worried that a label of "var" 
that would be in /dev/ufs/var on two separate disks would be conflicting 
and which one would be mounted first as he does not wish for the disk he 
is trying to save the contents of to be mounted and be used as the var of 
the system he is placing the said disk he wants to recover.


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