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Wed Oct 7 00:31:37 UTC 2009

On Fri, 07 Oct 2011, jeffry killen wrote:

> Hello;
> I have a hard drive that contains the /var file system in a system that
> will not boot.
> In single user mode I can mount  /var.
> I want to take this disk and put it in another FreeBSD system and
> try to copy the files I need off of it to a safe place.
> The system I will plug it into will also have a separate disk with
> /var.
> Is there going to be a conflict with the labels and how would I
> best go about this?
> system is FreeBSD v6.2
> Thank you in advance for guidance, suggestions.

It shouldn't be a problem. If you stick the "broken" drive in a new
system it will show up as a new device to the 2nd system.

You will then manually mount the 1st system via the device node to
wherever you want. It will not auto-mount that to /var .

So, for example your 2nd system has /dev/ad4s1  as its main disk.
When you plig the 2nd disk (from the old box) it will show up as
/dev/ad5s1 or similar. YOu would then just mount the /var/ slice to
wherever you want. 

For example:
mount /dev/ad5sa6 /mnt/oldvar

or similar. Please note that your device nodes and slice numbers
will most likely be different.

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