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Tue Oct 6 13:59:59 UTC 2009

On Tue, Oct 6, 2009 at 2:26 AM, Oliver Fromme <olli at> wrote:
> Don Wilde <dwilde1 at> wrote:
>  > I am setting up the sendmail on my 7.2-STABLE system, and I cannot get
>  > it to listen to my live server address besides the localhost.
>  >
>  > I've added
>  >                            CLIENT_OPTIONS(`Family=inet,
>  > Addr=, Name=MTA')dnl
>  >
>  > directly above the DAEMON_OPTIONS lines (after the FEATUREs),
>  > recompiled with make -C, and copied the domain-specific cf to
>  >
> You do not have to add anything to your .mc/.cf file.
> Just be sure to have this line in /etc/rc.conf:
> sendmail_enable="YES"
> then restart sendmail, and it will listen on all interfaces.
>  > Sendmail starts correctly, so the m4 compilation was successful, but
>  > it is still only listening on according to netstat -atn.
> It's better to use "sockstat -l | grep sendmail".
> It lists user, command and PID along with the IP address
> ("*" if all addresses) and port number, so you can easily
> match it with output from ps or top, using the PID number.
> If sendmail is listening only on localhost, it usually
> means that you don't have sendmail_enable="YES" in rc.conf.
> In that case, the default is to run sendmail only on the
> localhost interface, so that local mail delivery does work
> (e.g. output mailed from cron jobs).
> A common error is to put an entry at the top of rc.conf,
> not noticing that another entry further down the file
> overrides it.  The last entry takes effect.  For example,
> if you have sendmail_enable="YES" at the top, but there's
> sendmail_enable="NO" somewhere near the end of the file,
> then the latter will take effect.
> "grep sendmail /etc/rc.conf" will tell you the truth.
> After any changes, don't forget to restart sendmail:
> "/etc/rc.d/sendmail restart"
> If you're extra paranoid, first do only "stop" instead of
> "restart", then verify that no sendmail processes are
> running, then perform the "start".
> Best regards
>   Oliver
Oliver, Gorgios, Bernt -

You all hit the nail right on the head.  I had added the
sendmail_enable line before, but in my pushing and shoving in emacs I
seem to have deleted it again. Many thanks to all of you for your
patience and support! :D
-- Don Wilde
   " Engineering the Future "

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