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Don Wilde <dwilde1 at> wrote:
 > I am setting up the sendmail on my 7.2-STABLE system, and I cannot get
 > it to listen to my live server address besides the localhost.
 > I've added
 >                            CLIENT_OPTIONS(`Family=inet,
 > Addr=, Name=MTA')dnl
 > directly above the DAEMON_OPTIONS lines (after the FEATUREs),
 > recompiled with make -C, and copied the domain-specific cf to

You do not have to add anything to your .mc/.cf file.
Just be sure to have this line in /etc/rc.conf:


then restart sendmail, and it will listen on all interfaces.

 > Sendmail starts correctly, so the m4 compilation was successful, but
 > it is still only listening on according to netstat -atn.

It's better to use "sockstat -l | grep sendmail".
It lists user, command and PID along with the IP address
("*" if all addresses) and port number, so you can easily
match it with output from ps or top, using the PID number.

If sendmail is listening only on localhost, it usually
means that you don't have sendmail_enable="YES" in rc.conf.
In that case, the default is to run sendmail only on the
localhost interface, so that local mail delivery does work
(e.g. output mailed from cron jobs).

A common error is to put an entry at the top of rc.conf,
not noticing that another entry further down the file
overrides it.  The last entry takes effect.  For example,
if you have sendmail_enable="YES" at the top, but there's
sendmail_enable="NO" somewhere near the end of the file,
then the latter will take effect.

"grep sendmail /etc/rc.conf" will tell you the truth.

After any changes, don't forget to restart sendmail:
"/etc/rc.d/sendmail restart"

If you're extra paranoid, first do only "stop" instead of
"restart", then verify that no sendmail processes are
running, then perform the "start".

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