Netwroked Storage

Tim Judd tajudd at
Fri Oct 2 21:09:47 UTC 2009

On 10/2/09, Grant Peel <gpeel at> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I now have a quote from Dell, for a 4 TB, RAID5 NX3000 NAS.
> It comes pre configured with Windows Storage Server 2008 Standard Edition.
> Dell support assures me it will be compatable with NFS on FreeBSD, but if we
> are not happy with it we can wipe it and install whatever software we want
> ... FreeNAS for example.
> Questions:
> Has anyone used/using Windows Storage Server 2008 with FreeBSD clients? Is
> there any compatability loss? (NSF).
> Is anyone using this specific hardware? If so, comments please!
> -Grant

I decline Dell if I were to make the choice.  They support SOME linux,
and Windows on the hardware.  Microsoft has made "Services for UNIX"
that Dell tends to install on their Windows NAS devices.

iXsystems makes servers, storage, and everything else with a native
BSD host, at a reasonable cost.  They back PC-BSD development so they
are familiar with the FreeBSD name.

Will the Dell with WS2008 Storage and FreeBSD talk?  They should.  Are
they reliable?  That's questionable.

I don't expect anyone to share my views, but it was asked for comments.


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