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Fri Oct 2 13:32:35 UTC 2009

* Mark Linimon (linimon at wrote:

> The author orginally contacted us with a legal threat because we were
> not in compliance with the 28-day clause.  A long, acrimonious disucssion
> ensued.  In that discussion, the author was asked "if we agree to meet
> that condition going forward, would you guarantee that this would remove
> any further legal threat?" and he said yes ...
> for now.
> But that he reserved the right to change his mind later.
> *depending* on what we did or did not do in the future -- not just in
> adhering to the *existing clauses* like the "significant" clause or
> "renamed" clause -- both of which he mentioned would be part of any
> lawsuit.
> Legally indefensible?  Of course.  Would that prevent a lawsuit being
> filed?  No.  Anyone can sue anyone for anything.

Well, if you insist I of course won't commit it. But the whole thing
disappoints me greately, cause I was pretty sure at least FreeBSD
developers won't be affected by a mere FUD. Do you honestly think
the probability of Tuomo suing us is higher of, say, me suing, well,
us?  And that anything will change by us not providing a port we
have absolutely totally utterly 100% right to provide?  That is
just silly.

The port from now on is available here (removed from

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