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Mon Nov 30 21:59:52 UTC 2009

2009/11/29 Steven Friedrich <freebsd at>:
> On Sunday 29 November 2009 11:03:28 am you wrote:
>> 2009/11/29 Steven Friedrich <freebsd at>:
>> > I booted my HP Pavilion zd8215us and I immediately invoked
>> > chkCPUTemperature. The first temp reported was 52C, which is 125.6F. This
>> > leads me to believe that acpi has an anomaly regarding temperature
>> > measurement. The ambient temp was 71F (21.6C). The machine had been off
>> > for over eight hours.
>> I'm not sure.  My laptop shows about 59C as soon as I can
>> log in, in a room kept around 16C ambient.  It rather quickly
>> drops to <40C if I let it idle with powerd doing its thing.
> Thanks for the response. One question though, what OS are you running.
> The reason I ask is because I want to discover if it's FreeBSD specific or
> possibly affecting Linux distros as well. And if you're running FreeBSD, which
> version.

I think CPU use/temp during boot-up _could_ vary a lot from
one operating system to another, I don't know that it must,
though, since the whole business is arcane and full of magic
(much like poutine).

FreeBSD 8.0-RELEASE #1: Mon Nov 23 13:47:06 EST 2009

It's a turion x2 of 1990MHz

I only had windows on long enough to burn one CD back in
February, so I have not the least clue how it behaved (besides

I can't find any way to get the actual temperature values under
Opensolaris, but I do dual boot.  It spends so much time starting
so many mind-bogglingly worthless services prior to giving me
a log-in prompt that I'm not sure the comparison is fair.  The fan
usually kick into high prior to the log-in prompt, though.

Opensolaris is pretty horrible in terms of performance and battery
life compared to FreeBSD. It's also like a strange, alien wasteland
what with bash & gnome & other linuxisms, except pfexec.
pfexec rocks.


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