Broken multimedia/dvdauthor repaired at last

Harald Weis hawei at
Sun Nov 29 16:01:35 UTC 2009

I just found a way to ''repair'' dvdauthor which is broken since several
It suffices to comment two lines - 1082 and 1083 - in subreader.c like
  //fribidi_set_mirroring (FRIBIDI_TRUE);
  //fribidi_set_reorder_nsm (FRIBIDI_FALSE);

# cd /usr/ports/multimedia/dvdauthor
# make
This produces the error message. Change subreader.c as said.
# vi work/dvdauthor-0.6.14/src/subreader.c
# make install

It works for me. Don't know what is missing now. But lxdvdrip which
requires dvdauthor is working as usual. :)

Hope it helps everybody else.
Harald Weis

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