FreeBSD only on MacBook? Having problems...

w s forkandwait at
Mon Nov 30 20:50:32 UTC 2009

>> 2. How can I "lose the GPT"? When I run "# gpart destory ad5" I get
>> "gpart: Device busy". I presume that it is because / is mounted to run
>> the livefs CD. So ...
> Not quite, if you run gpart show you should get a list of stuff on ad5,
> so before you can destroy the GPT you have to delete the stuff using
> it,a quick example using an md device:
> (reminder just in case, this will remove ANY partitions on the disk, but
> you already know that :)

Bingo -- I cleared the partitions (gpart delete XXX) and then
installed from CD without a hitch.  Thanks!

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