FreeBSD only on MacBook? Having problems...

w s forkandwait at
Mon Nov 30 06:12:49 UTC 2009

(x posted to, my
apologies, but no one seems interested there...)

I am trying to follow the steps to install FreeBSD 8.0 on my MacBook.
I don't want to dual boot or anything, so I am following along here:

(Note that earlier I managed to stomp all over the slices trying to
partition without reading the directions...)

However, it doesn't match my experience exactly, and I don't really
have the FreeBSD background to compensate (long time Linux user, and
never very hardware focused at all), so here are some starting
questions (Note I am in the Fixit shell from the livefs CD):

1. Is "gpart" the same as "gpt"?

2. How can I "lose the GPT"? When I run "# gpart destory ad5" I get
"gpart: Device busy". I presume that it is because / is mounted to run
the livefs CD. So ...

3. Umm, what do I do now....

If I run "gpart show ad5" I get a bunch of stuff which I would have to
type in manually -- let me know which pieces are important and I will
do it.


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