Michael Powell nightrecon at
Wed Nov 25 19:33:40 UTC 2009

Matthew Seaman wrote:

> Gary Kline wrote:
>> kwik one:
>> in his build-server stuff [6.2], jon horne said to use
>> mysql50-server.  i see the latest is mysql60....
>> should i go ahead and use the latest mysql database? or just do as the
>> instruction say?
> Prior to that we have:
> mysql51 -- MySQL's current GA (generally available) release offering. It's
>            got a number of new features like stored procedures but
>            depending on your workloads it may or may not be faster than...
> mysql50 -- The previous GA version, and still the most widely deployed
> version at
>            the moment.  It is still being actively maintained even if it
>            is pretty
>            much down-played on MySQL's website.  This is a version that
>            has been in all sorts of production use for years and pretty
>            thoroughly debugged, hence a very safe choice.
> In summary: choose either of mysql50 or mysql51 according to preference or
> your particular requirements.

A lot of people are still using 50 and many consider it faster than 51. I 
think the main difference performance wise is 51 might have a tad heavier 
thread handling performance for the latest and greatest high end quad socket 
quad core boxen. 50 may offer better performance on older more down level 
commodity boxen. I've been running 51 for a quite a while now and haven't 
had any trouble with it, but I'm not hammering it either. If the hardware 
isn't quite up to snuff 50 may actually be a better choice, especially in 
the scenario where web and database are running on the same, albeit slower 
machine. Another factor in the decision might be to consider when EOL may be 


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