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Gary Kline wrote:
> kwik one:
> in his build-server stuff [6.2], jon horne said to use
> mysql50-server.  i see the latest is mysql60....
> should i go ahead and use the latest mysql database? or just do as the
> instruction say?
> tia... y'all.

There are 4 versions of MySQL currently available.  In reverse order of age:

mysql60 -- this is early beta quality (read: it may eat your data) and was the
           vehicle for MySQL to introduce various new table engines in an attempt 
           to ensure their independence from Oracle.

However, Sun bought MySQL and Oracle is in the process of buying Sun.  Oracle
also previously bought Innobase (makers of InnoDB) and Sleepycat (writers of
Berkeley DB) so suddenly all of the current engine types are suddenly back in
the picture: hence

mysql54 -- an incremental upgrade on mysql51.  Late beta quality, good for
           experimenters and developers, but not yet something that should
           be considered for mission critical applications

Prior to that we have:

mysql51 -- MySQL's current GA (generally available) release offering. It's 
           got a number of new features like stored procedures but depending on
           your workloads it may or may not be faster than...

mysql50 -- The previous GA version, and still the most widely deployed version at
           the moment.  It is still being actively maintained even if it is pretty
           much down-played on MySQL's website.  This is a version that has been
           in all sorts of production use for years and pretty thoroughly debugged,
           hence a very safe choice.

In summary: choose either of mysql50 or mysql51 according to preference or your particular requirements.



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