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Polytropon freebsd at edvax.de
Tue Nov 24 07:40:12 UTC 2009

On Mon, 23 Nov 2009 23:15:43 -0800, Gary Kline <kline at thought.org> wrote:
> 	it's time to come clean an admit that i have never taken
> 	advantage of the option that lets you press [???], then press
> 	other keys in order so the result is like pressing multiple
> 	keys at once.

After reading this paragraph, the whole thing sounds VERY
familiar to me. In your mind, open a picture of a Sun Type 5
or 6 keyboard - or use google :-) - and look what's the key
on the lower right of the alphanumeric section. It is - oh
big surprise - the Compose key that acts quite the same way
that you described. It enables the user to compose a new
character by pressing its components one after another.

I'm almost sure that this functionality can be forced upon
other modifier keys, such as "press shift - now "shift mode"
is on for the next character, press '1', and you get '!';
now "shift mode" is off again". The same could work for the
other modifiers (ctrl, meta, alt, alt-gr).

In fact, Meta just works this way, e. g. in the Midnight
Commander. For Meta-c, you press Esc, then c. The PC keyboard
usually does not come with a Meta key, so this solution is
very welcome. It can even emulate PF keys when the terminal
emulation doesn't support them, e. g. PF2 = Esc, 2.

> everybody on this
> 	list has learned that forethought and planning beat typing
> 	speed!

You are so right with that statement. Today's IT education,
be it professional schools or universities, seem to spit
out "programmers" that have coded some stuff in ten different
languages, but are completely unable to program with just
their brain, and maybe a pencil and some paper; this is
"old school", but produced all the programs the Internet
runs on.

And: No, "trial & error" is not a programming concept. :-)

> i'm ready to set up the multi-key stuff that's
> 	built in to at least KDE.  
> 	appreciate a  pointer to a url or tutorial on this...  and/or
> 	to know what this feature is even called.  it's time to get
> 	practical.  i am stubborn, just not particular stupid.  maybe
> 	"slow" :_)

Sadly, I've abandoned KDE many years ago, so I can't help
you with that.

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