[] confession...

Gary Kline kline at thought.org
Tue Nov 24 07:15:47 UTC 2009

	it's time to come clean an admit that i have never taken
	advantage of the option that lets you press [???], then press
	other keys in order so the result is like pressing multiple
	keys at once.

	i have never made a big deal over having but one useful hand
	simply because in my line as a hacker, one hand was enough.
	programming at 95mph was never the goal.  everybody on this
	list has learned that forethought and planning beat typing
	speed!  ---still, when my shoulder began to dislocate in 1999,
	typing thr number-shift keys [like '*', '&', '^', and the rest
	became harder [*].  i'm ready to set up the multi-key stuff that's
	built in to at least KDE.  

	appreciate a  pointer to a url or tutorial on this...  and/or
	to know what this feature is even called.  it's time to get
	practical.  i am stubborn, just not particular stupid.  maybe
	"slow" :_)


[*] and more painful, and awkward--so slower.

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