Glassfish v3 server: Admin port in use

Frank Staals frankstaals at
Mon Nov 23 19:51:25 UTC 2009

Pieter de Goeje wrote:
> On Saturday 21 November 2009 15:01:55 Frank Staals wrote:
> <snip>
> Perhaps this is an error specific to glassfish 3.
> I used to have Glassfish 2.1.1 working on FreeBSD/head (i386). I don't know 
> what your requirements are but maybe that version will suffice? I used 
> the "Linux" installer if I remember correctly.
> You can also try asking freebsd-java at
> Good luck,
> Pieter de Goeje
Hmm Thanks for the tip, I installed the latest glassfish v2 server, 
which runs fine, however I use some cutting-edge JSF2 stuff which realy 
requires glassfish v3 it seems :(


- Frank

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