Wester Digital 'deep recovery cycle' and gstripe?

Modulok modulok at gmail.com
Tue Nov 17 20:49:30 UTC 2009


Has anyone used 'Wester Digital Caviar Black' disks in a gstripe?

I'm building a 2TB gstripe, from 3x 1TB disks. My concern, is the
disks are 'consumer grade' disks. Western Digital mention not to use
them with a raid controller as they have a potential, 'deep recovery
cycle', which an last up to 2 minutes. This would theoretically result
in them being dropped from the array. Despite this, I've heard
successful uses of these disks via gmirror. (Granted, not the same as
gstripe). Again, in theory, if one disk enters a 'deep recovery cycle'
and is dropped from the array, and during that time another disks does
the same the array is toast, right?

Umm...what are the odds of this occurring? War stories? (The more I
type this out, the more it's starting to sound like a bad idea.)
Thoughts, ideas?

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