Lockup problems with USB disks

David Jackson djackson452 at gmail.com
Tue Nov 17 19:41:19 UTC 2009

Thank you. I took a look. I was just wondering if this was a known bug, 
is it normal, etc.

Maciej Milewski wrote:
> Dnia wtorek 17 listopad 2009 o 15:18:22 David Jackson napisał(a):
>> I have a USB hard drive.  Whenever I open two programs which utilise the
>> USB hard drive simultaneously, these programs, i assume when they
>> attempt to write to the hard drive lock up due to what i suspect must be
>> some issue with the USB driver and perhaps a deadlock involving multiple
>> concurrent accesses to the drive. When they attempt to access the drive
>> the programs can lock up for several minutes before being unblocked.
>> When only one program is using the drive this behaviour does not seem to
>> occur.
>> It seems most likely that this is a USB level problem involving the USB
>> drivers. I am using FreeBSD 7.1. It is annoying behaviour to say the
>> least and I wonder what can be done about it, and if this issue is being
>> addressed, perhaps in the recent redesign of the USB code. It seems to
>> be a pretty consistent issue, happening with multiple installs of
>> FreeBSD and different drives.
>> Thank you.
> I forgot to attach a link with information about this new stack. Some you can 
> find at http://ivoras.sharanet.org/freebsd/freebsd8.html

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