advice on setting up new site

PJ af.gourmet at
Wed Nov 11 19:03:51 UTC 2009

Hi guys,
I appreciate the help you have given me in the past and present... I am
not competent to handle the project we are emarking on, so let me ask
(offer ?) it here:
We're about to start new enterprise in the food service sector (I hate
the terms industry for anything related to food) which is a totally new
concept - can't reveal at the moment. And we are going to need someone
to implement the site.
So here's what I need to find out:
1. We're looking for someone who would be interested in working on it
and could handle all aspects on FreeBSD (I want to avoid MS and
especially anything not open source - requires programming of whatever
works best -- important: database (probably mysql - seems to be most
popular and our host uses it); will need flash or lots of images &
eventually instructional videos (flash ? or ?)
will need gps tracking of equipment (vehicles); inventory tracking on
daily/weekly basis; invoicing; AR/AP and CC management.
There's no reason why the work can't be done over the Internet... I've
done this before...
Let me know if you're interested and we can discuss methods of working
and payment... etc.
2. I would appreciate some suggestions about Unix programs that could be
applicable to meet our needs.
I look forward to hearing from from you :-)
Questions are welcome ... so are investors ;-)

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