stuff and even more problems.... [ to mostly the hard core ]

Robert Huff roberthuff at
Sun Nov 8 06:51:28 UTC 2009

Gary Kline writes:

>  	the keybd isn't the problem.  it is in the box with a bunch of
>  	misc stuff i don't need.  problem is that on my KVM switch are
>  	only ps2 plugs.  on the back of the dell are USB jacks.  i
>  	need something to convert from the PS2 plug to fit into the
>  	USB ....  

	Have you actually tried this elsewhere and had it work?
Because I'm certainly no expert on KVMs, but that sounds like a
"more likely to fail than succeed" scenario.
	(I use a StarTech four port USB KVM, and would be interested in
a good model that handles DVI/HDMI as opposed to 15 pin VGA video.)


					Robert Huff

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