solution: getting a Motorola Razr V3 to work as a GSM modem on FreeBSD

Mark Stosberg mark at
Fri Nov 6 02:41:11 UTC 2009

> On Thu, 5 Nov 2009 13:15:24 -0500, Mark Stosberg <mark at> wrote:
> > For software to send the pages, I use the "gammu" port.
> >                                                   ^^^^
> > I ran "gammu-config" for the initial setup, and then moved the
> > resulting file from /root/.gammurc to the more standard
> > location: /etc/gammurc
>             ^^^^
> FreeBSD separates configuration files for the system (/etc
> subtree) and for additional ports (/usr/local/etc subtree),
> so /usr/local/etc/gammurc would, in my opinion, be the
> correct place for this file.

I agree. However, the related man pages didn't reference this option. This seems like
a place where the code and docs could use a small patch to work this way on FreeBSD. 
(Or maybe it already works this way, and the docs don't reflect it). 

I suppose in my case, I could still move the config file to /usr/local/etc/ and then
symlink it from /etc/, which would meet the requirements of the software, and also meet
the expectations of someone expecting a standard FreeBSD layout. 

> Many thanks, Mark, this really sounds interesting and useful,
> a very good combination. :-)

You are welcome.  I have been running a hosting business on FreeBSD since about 1997 and it 
has worked very well for us. 



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