dhcpd related issue - not giving up

Tim Judd tajudd at gmail.com
Mon Nov 2 05:03:52 UTC 2009

On 11/1/09, Dánielisz László <laszlo_danielisz at yahoo.com> wrote:
> It's the only one on the network.

Doesn't mean that it will answer.

I saw your previous posts which has the authoritative declaration.

Authoritative (from my experience) means that if a client had
previously gotten an address, a non-authoritative server won't correct
the client's lease.  Think of a roaming laptop or a PDA with wifi.

An authoritative server will say "No, that won't work", then the
client will release any knowledge of the previous IP, and search for
new dhcp servers.

Since you weren't getting leases when your firewall was disabled, I
would lean toward a misconfigured dhcpd.conf.  I don't think I've seen
in the same post:
  ifconfig rl1
  cat /usr/local/etc/dhcpd.conf

Please provide these.  Thanks.

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> is your dhcpd authoritative?
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