Deinstall software

Wojciech Puchar wojtek at
Sun May 31 09:15:33 UTC 2009

> In fact, given that FreeBSD doesn't seem to have a native convention on
> how exported filesystems are laid out (no mention in hier(7), no default
> /etc/exports file), it would make sense to adopt the Solaris/Linux style 
> where
> feasible.

it's best not to adopt any style, but do whatever is optimal in certain 

You propose just another example of "blind repeated rule".

Your idea won't hurt in single-disk, single-partition case, but this case 
is prohibited by other "blind repeat" rule of making lots of partitions.

What if i want export things from multiple disks? just make one 
another separete  partition on each disk for /export/something just to 
make system config look "nice" or "professional" because it's good to have 
NFS exported things to stay in /export

Such practices gives only illusion or cleanliness and order, actually 
giving exactly opposite.

Actually one ZFS adventage grown on this - it allows you to make millions 
of "partitions" without actually creating them, because it's all still 
stored in one pool. But those who feel configuration with a lots of 
partitions "cleanness and order" are happy now.

I see this as just a pure mess, not an order.

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