What is this forum for?

Wojciech Puchar wojtek at wojtek.tensor.gdynia.pl
Sat May 30 15:30:49 UTC 2009

> Hey folks, all of you, could I please sugggest that this entire thread (under a
> variety of subject names) is an abuse of the lists?

Generally i do agree with you. But - in my opinion there are lots of other 
abuses. Whenever i pointed this out i got tons of protests from others.

So please - who should decide what's on and whats off topic?

For me - if talks about programs just because it runs under FreeBSD is OK, 
then everything is OK. About politics, sport, choosing printservers.

Why telling someone that want to "switch" from windows to FreeBSD that 
better stay with windows is wrong? It's my opinion and my way to help 
him/her to save time. And it's proved, over hundred people i know that 
ever tried to "switch" to linux or FreeBSD, got back to windows within 
short time.

Of course - switching the way of using computer from windows-style to 
unix-style is another thing, is very welcome and is likely to succeed.

The argument "it's nothing wrong to help others" is a nonsense too. Yes - 
help, but about FreeBSD, or on other list, or on priv.

Or maybe democratic method - when more and louder shouts it's right - it's 

Doesn't you see a nonsense?!

Once again - please DO MODERATED list, with clearly defined rules what's 
right and what's not. Whatever the rules will be (approved/defined by 
FreeBSD owners) - it will be OK.

About stats i had to do - i AM working on this, but i was not aware how 
much work it needs. I'm reading mails from february each year, and now 
"processed" four years only.

So sorry for not doing it for today morning, but i wasn't aware it's too 
short time.

Another question - some of you said that "outdated" hardware is welcome 
too as gifts for FreeBSD team.

I actually have lots of them, and NON-typical things, that would be 
useful. I prepared a list, and can make photos.

I already sent a mail to one developer but got no response. Maybe he is 
just busy or absent, anyway what's the best address for this.

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