What is this forum for?

Chad Perrin perrin at apotheon.com
Thu May 28 20:21:34 UTC 2009

On Thu, May 28, 2009 at 02:52:05PM -0500, Gary Gatten wrote:
> Is this forum intended to ask "specific" type questions and hope to get
> specific and relevant answers?  Or, is it a blog to generalize,
> theorize, banter, etc. about anything and everything?
> If the later - as it seems to be - I would like to chat about Russian,
> Polish, etc. Women Tennis players and what they feed them over there!
> Generally speaking and as a percentage of the populous - they're freakin
> hot!  Not to mention good players - they have like .... 50-70% of the
> top 50 spots!
> I know I'm new (to this forum) and don't really have a right to b!tch
> about anything yet - especially since I can't contribute much to FreeBSD
> / *nix as I'm not all that skilled in the internal workings thereof.
> However, if some of the cr at p I've seen here lately went on in other
> "support" lists I'm associated with - it would NOT be tolerated.
> I like chatting / learning about all kinds of stuff, but on this forum I
> expected it to be more on topic than off.  For the most part I guess it
> is on topic and maybe I'm just frustrated given a couple threads of
> late.  That said, I HOPE what has happened on other sites doesn't happen
> here - all the truly gifted people that can / do actually help get tired
> of the B$ and leave - and then we all suffer....

It's usually on topic.  It gets off-topic more often when W. Puchar chips
in, though.

If you're new to this list, you may have just arrived at the wrong
moment, when a W. Puchar flame war was in full swing.  Please give it a
little time.

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