upcupsd / freebsdd

mike at sentex.net mike at sentex.net
Fri May 29 23:04:43 UTC 2009

>The Overview page in the webinterface shows there is power in the
>UPS form over 2 hours. How can I force a faster automatic freebsd
>shutdown to see if it is working (can't wait 2 hours)

Try setting the battery level in apcupsd.conf to a high value like 90%

# If during a power failure, the remaining battery percentage
# (as reported by the UPS) is below or equal to BATTERYLEVEL, 
# apcupsd will initiate a system shutdown.

You need to restart the apc daemon after you adjust the config files.
from the shell, should reflect your changes.
>but do these refer to shutdown of a unix client or shutdown of the UPS 

On the apc units I have used, it will send the "shutdown" signal to
the UPS, so it will cut power to all the ports until street power
comes back.


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