upcupsd / freebsdd

Pieter Donche Pieter.Donche at ua.ac.be
Fri May 29 13:33:02 UTC 2009

I'm putting a APC1000 UPS with APC Network Management Card (AP9617)
to freebsd system with apcupsd, via ethernet cable over SNMP.
apcsupsd is running, apcaccess status returns the status variables.
When pulling out powercable of UPS and back in, I do get 'Warning power 
loss detected; Power failure: Running on UPS batteries; Power has 
returned". So far, so good.

The Overview page in the webinterface shows there is power in the
UPS form over 2 hours. How can I force a faster automatic freebsd
shutdown to see if it is working (can't wait 2 hours)

The web-interface  under UPS / Configuration / shutdown
shows (the defaults):
Start of the shutdown
  Low Battery Duration  02 min
  Shutdown Delay: 90 secs
  (max. Required Delay: 2 minutes)
  Basic Signaling Shutdown  (not checked) Enabled
Duration of Shutdown
  Sleep Time:    0.0 hours
End of Shutdown
  Max Battery Capacity:  00 %
  Return Delay:  000 seconds

but do these refer to shutdown of a unix client or shutdown of the UPS 

The manual is confusing (it's linux oriented not freebsd) most referenced
files do not exist at the mentioned paths...

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